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Why Do Wall Street Professionals Make So Much Money While Most Traders and Investors Don’t?

Do you know how the financial markets REALLY work.


Learn more about the Professional market mindset and how they execute trading & investing decisions.

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The Forum

Flagship live pre-market trading and analysis session, focused on opportunities in Stocks, Options, ETF’s, Futures, Forex, and Bonds.

The Exchange

Daily live active trading sessions on Stocks, Futures, and Forex focused on finding short-term and mid-term opportunities.

The Arena

Interactive global community where members and team specialists share ideas on financial needs, solutions, and opportunities.

The Gallery

Identifies significant supply & demand zones in 50 key markets for short-term, mid-term and long-term opportunities.


Powerful algorithm identifies high probability opportunities, based on Sam Seiden’s original Market Timing Strategy.

The Options Colosseum

Our proprietary options strategy incorporates real supply and demand, delivering key opportunities in the markets.

The Investor Empire

Designed to assist members with finding complete solutions to meet their investment, retirement and overall financial needs.

The Strategy Symposium

Where members gain a deeper understanding of our strategies through live interactive sessions, covering a vast array of topics.

Experience Matters

The founders and market specialists at The Seiden Strategy have been featured at, written articles for, or created educational content for the following companies:

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