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From international Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized businesses, we provide global financial risk management solutions by utilizing our proprietary strategy and algorithm.

While most corporations are exceptional at executing their core business, two of the biggest challenges to a corporation’s profitability is the risk of price fluctuation and an inability to forecast prices in markets that most impact their business.


Our clients receive supply and demand clarity in the global markets that matter to them. We provide price forecast solutions so companies can effectively manage risk and run their core business with confidence.

Markets we cover & Industries we serve

Corporate Stock Market Risk

Markets: S&P – NASDAQ – Russell – DOW – Nikkei – Heng Sang


Industries: Banking/Financial Institutions – Insurance – Fortune 500 – Government Pension

Interest Rate Risk

Markets: US 5/10 yr Note – US 30 yr Bond – Euro Bobl/Bund – Australia


Industries: Banking/Financial Institutions – Insurance – Real Estate – Fortune 500

Currency Risk

Markets: US Dollar – Euro – Yen – Australian Dollar – British Pound – Canadian Dollar – Swiss Franc


Industries: International Corporations/Industries – Banking/Financial Institutions – Internet Retail/Search Engines

Energy/Metals Risk

Markets: Oil – Natural Gas – Copper – Gold


Industries: Oil Producers/Users – Airlines – Shipping – Oil Corporations – Transportation

Agricultural Risk

Markets: Corn – Soybeans – Wheat – Cattle


Industries: Food & Beverage – Farming

Select Companies Served by the Market Specialists of The Seiden Strategies

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