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World Class Financial Market Analysis and Commitment to Member Success

Membership is Limited

The Seiden Strategies is an exclusive service that provides expert research & analysis of the financial markets. Unlike other trading & investment programs, we screen our members prior to allowing them to join in order to maintain the integrity of our analysis and to increase the likelihood of member success. Limiting membership not only allows, but ensures, we stay true to our mission– To provide world class financial market analysis & a commitment to member success.

Membership Eligibility

Our objective is to provide world class, actionable financial market information. To become a member an application must be submitted containing information to include, but not limited to, background information regarding your experience with trading and investing. Our goal is to have a responsible and successful membership community, which can only be accomplished through a selective application process.

The Forum

The Forum, our flagship live trading and analysis session, takes place daily at 8:15 AM (EST). The primary host for this session is Sam Seiden, the developer of the original proprietary Supply & Demand Market Timing Strategy. The focus is to identify significant market turning points and market moves in all the major global markets. Sam and the team offer actionable low risk, high reward, and high probability opportunities on Stocks, ETF’s, Futures, Forex, Bonds, and Options.


The Forum session occurs daily, lasts up to an hour in duration, and is recorded for members who are unavailable to attend live.

The Exchange

The Exchange is where daily active trading takes place in specific markets including Stocks, Futures, and Forex. This session begins shortly after The Forum session ends and 15 minutes before the stock market opening bell, when short term trading opportunity is greatest. Our short-term trading specialists provide trading ideas utilizing our proprietary market timing strategy to identify short term supply and demand imbalance and execute opportunities with precision. This session is for the short-term and mid-term active trader.


The Exchange session occurs daily, up to 90 minutes in duration, and is recorded for members who are unavailable to attend live.

The Arena

The Arena is our interactive global community where members come together and share trading and investing ideas, as well as collaborate on financial needs and opportunities. Members are not only able to interact with each other but also with members of The Seiden Strategies team through screen share and group conversation. The Arena enables members to meet collectively as a whole and allows them to branch off into smaller group meetings focused on specific topics as they choose. Members have access to The Arena at all times.

The Gallery & The Gallery Plus

The Gallery is generated by our proprietary supply & demand algorithm, The Veritas. This cutting-edge tool covers key global markets and is designed to help identify where banks and financial institutions are buying and selling. Key supply and demand zones for short-term, mid-term, and long-term opportunities in the Stock, ETF’s, Futures, Bond, Options, and Forex markets are provided here daily.


The Gallery covers 25 markets and The Gallery Plus is an expanded list and covers over 50 markets.


Veritas is a powerful algorithm based on Sam Seiden’s original proprietary Supply & Demand Market Timing Strategy. It helps drive our performance and is the engine to the entire Seiden Strategies machine. Veritas identifies low risk, high reward, and high probability trading and investing opportunities in the Stock, ETF, Options, Futures, Bond, and Forex markets. It covers all major global markets and exchanges as it finds key supply and demand turning points across the globe. Veritas is the only algorithm built based on Sam’s original proprietary Supply & Demand Market Timing Strategy.

The Options Colosseum

The Options market is where most traders and investors make novice buy and sell decisions based on historical data through flawed pricing models, lagging historical volatility, and many other inaccurate factors. The Seiden Strategies approach to Options is quite different. Our proprietary market timing strategy gives our members a unique advantage. We offer a simple focus on real supply and demand imbalances which ultimately determines where price in a market will turn and where it will move to – what volatility will be, instead of what it was in the past. The Options Colosseum offers trading and investing opportunities on Stocks, ETF’s, and Futures throughout the week, which are updated regularly, as well as two live interactive market sessions led by one of our Options specialists each week.


The Options Colosseum session occurs twice a week, lasts one hour in duration, and is recorded for members who are unavailable to attend live.

The Investor Empire

The Investor Empire is designed to assist members with finding complete solutions to meet their investment and retirement needs and is made up of three major components.

1. LifeStrategy Assessment
Members begin by taking our proprietary LifeStrategy assessment, which delivers a score based on how likely their financial plan is to meet their goals. Members are then able to access resources and live solution sessions designed to help them improve their score, so they may look to the future with clarity and excitement rather than uncertainty and fear.


The LifeStrategy sessions occur once a week, last one hour in duration, and are recorded for members who are unavailable to attend live.


The LifeStrategy sessions include:



  • Risk-conscious growth strategies
  • Tax aware investing strategies
  • Portfolio management and hedging risk
  • Building a portfolio for growth vs income


Retirement Planning:

  • Life-after-work income planning and tax-efficient distribution strategies
  • Retirement income planning
  • Tax free retirement income


Tax Mitigation Strategies:

  • Strategic distribution and withdrawal planning
  • Roth IRA conversion strategies
  • Tax-free, tax-efficient planning with an emphasis on a tax mitigation plan


Asset Protection and Estate Planning:

  • Broad based asset protection strategies
  • Predators/Creditor asset protection strategies
  • Tax efficient wealth transfer
  • Shifting or deferring estate tax liability

2. Strategic Return Portfolio
Our Strategic Return Portfolio is driven by our proprietary algorithm, Veritas, and is focused on stocks and ETF’s. Our portfolio is made up of aggressive and non-aggressive investing opportunities which allows members to customize their own portfolios based on their short-term and long-term goals. We believe that the key to our members achieving their long-term financial goals is to understand their risk and profit potential and how portfolio components fit into an overall plan. While members are always able to access the Strategic Return Portfolio, we provide updates and guidance in live sessions.


The Strategic Portfolio session occurs once a week, lasts one hour in duration, and is recorded for members who are unavailable to attend live.

3. The Bond Forecast
The Bond Forecast covers investing opportunities in major government and corporate bond markets. We utilize our proprietary Supply & Demand Market Timing Strategy to help quantify supply and demand in these markets to forecast short-term and long-term interest rate direction. This component of The Investor Empire is one of a kind and features information that is rarely attainable to the average consumer.

The Strategy Symposium

The Strategy Symposium is where members gain a deeper understanding of our strategies through live interactive sessions. These live sessions also provide information and study a vast array of topics, as well as a behind the scenes look at trading and investment opportunities from The Forum, The Exchange, The Options Colosseum, LifeStrategy Assessment, and Strategic Return Portfolio.


The Strategy Symposium sessions occur weekly, last one hour in duration, and are recorded for members who are unavailable to attend live.

Impact News Sessions

Major news events happen around the world that have a strong impact on major markets for traders and investors. We deliver special sessions to allow our members to capitalize on these market opportunities and manage risk. These sessions will occur as unexpected impact news events happen. Members will be notified by push notifications from our Twitter account.

Member Council

Member success is our top priority at The Seiden Strategies.  Our full-time support team is available by live chat, email, and phone to answer questions, provide solutions, and ensure an exceptional experience.  In addition, live support sessions are held each week to help members understand strategy and execute with precision. The team’s goal is to provide excellent support and value every time we are contacted.

The Emperors Club

• Priority enrollment and seating to live events
• Special breakout sessions in live events
• The Brain Trust


The Brain Trust is a key component of The Seiden Strategies that was developed to bring together members who have similar challenges and goals related to the financial stage of life they are in.


The Brain Trust groups connect those who have similar challenges and goals related to income and wealth accumulation and preservation, as well as many other financial needs. Members already know that the life you choose requires a financial plan that meets or exceeds the costs of that lifestyle. However, not everyone is in the same situation, on the same journey or facing the same challenges. The Brain Trust helps tailor collaboration and focused strategy solutions that meets the needs of the different life stage groups within our membership community.


Sessions are curated by The Seiden Strategies and are held quarterly to semi-annually. The content is a mix of member led sessions and sessions led by our team of Specialists. Each session presents the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, and share actionable strategies to help achieve personal and financial growth.


Groups are structured so that members can make the most of connections that go beyond geographic and cultural barriers and take advantage of collaborations with members who are on parallel paths. Group placement is derived from information obtained via the LifeStrategy Assessment. At any time, members may request to move to another Brain Trust group and The Seiden Strategies team will work with the member to join the group that is the best fit.

The Brain Trust Groups

• Starting Out Phase
• Wealth Accumulation Stage
• Nearing Retirement
• Retirement
• Business Owners*
• High Net Worth Individuals*

* Business owners and/or high-net worth individuals

may fit within any number of these groups.

These individuals will be grouped with others who are

similarly positioned. As well as the groups are not strictly

bound by age brackets.


The Strategy

The Forum

The Exchange

The Gallery

The Arena

The Options Colosseum

The Investor Empire

High Impact News Sessions

Member Council

First Year Membership: $6,995

*Introductory Offer: $4,995

(Annual Renewal $3,995)

The Strategy Plus

The Forum

The Exchange

The Gallery Plus

The Arena

The Options Colosseum

The Investor Empire

The Strategy Symposium

High Impact News Sessions

Member Council

First Year Membership: $8,995
*Introductory Offer: $6,995

(Annual Renewal $4,995)

*The Emperors Club

Priority Enrollment & Seating to Live Events

Special Break Out Sessions at Live Events

The Brain Trust

*Additional Membership Dues: $1,995

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