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Opportunity Results Notes



The Seiden Strategies (TSS) tracks the results of the trading and investing opportunities offered by its specialists and proprietary algorithm, Veritas.  These opportunities have been presented to members through our proprietary services – The Forum, The Exchange, The Gallery, The Options Coliseum, and The Strategic Return Portfolio.


The supporting data details is held by TSS, and not shared in raw form to the public. This is done to protect the integrity of the proprietary strategy used to make the market predictions referenced in the results summaries.  It is also to protect the value of the services for TSS members.


Win percentage


This is the percentage of profitable trading opportunities out of the total number presented for the corresponding TSS service.  For an opportunity to be successful, it must achieve a minimum of 1.5 to 1 Risk/Reward Ratio. For example, 60 winning trading opportunities out of 100 results in a win percentage of 60%.


Risk/Reward Ratio (RRR)


The risk/reward ratio is typically the actual dollar amount the trader/investor is risking vs the potential profit.


For example, buying one share of a stock where the entry price is $12.00 per share and the trader/investor will exit the position at $11.00, the risk is $1.00.  Should the stock price rise from $12.00 to $15.00 then the reward is $3.00. The Risk/Reward ratio in this case is 1:3. The investor risked $1.00 to make $3.00.   Risk/Reward Ratios are common tools to determine whether a proposed trade or investment will offer enough of a return for the risk associated with the opportunity.


For TSS results tracking, the concept is the same however we don’t measure in Dollars ($’s), we measure in ‘points’ as we track many markets with different price points and our members have different account sizes and different financial goals. For example, if risk on a stock opportunity in the Strategic Return Portfolio is $1.00 and the target for profit is $6.00 and that target is achieved, we would report that as 6:1. Or if risk on an S&P 500 Index futures buying opportunity is 3 points and the profit target is 12 points higher and it reaches its profit target, we would report that as 4:1.


*TSS takes some, but not all, of the trade opportunities offered to our members on a regular basis, as well as on occasion take trades not offered in our services.