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Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Welcome to your LifeStrategy Assessment.

Please answers the questions below. On a scale of 1 to 5. A score of 1 would be your lowest score or (least confident). A score of 5 would be your highest score (most confident). For example; if you can no longer work and your confident that you'll be able to continue to pay your bills. Then give yourself a score of 5.

If I can't work, I will still be able to pay my bills.
If I can't work, my retirement plan would be okay.
If I can’t work, my lifestyle will stay the same.
If I die today, I know my family will have enough income to sustain their current lifestyle.
I have considered the impact of inflation on my goals.
I know that my current assets are designed to keep up with, and/or outpace inflation.
I know what types of assets I need to consider to keep up with inflation.
I know the rate of return I need to generate to get to my goals.
I know how long it will take to get to my financial goal(s).
I know that my assets are protected against sequence-of-return risk.
I have a tax mitigation plan.
My income tax is diversified.
I have a tax mitigation strategy when taking retirement income withdraws.
I have enough assets to address long-term care costs without impacting my future income.
If I want to live in a nursing home, I know I can afford the type of facility I desire.
I know the financial impact to my family should they need to take care of me.
My income, both present and future, as well as my assets are protected.
I know if I'm carrying any unnecessary risk.
I'm confident that I've mitigated unnecessary risk.
I’m guaranteed to have sufficient income for the rest of my life.
I have healthcare directives and a power of attorney.
I have a succession plan.
I have assets outside of my social security or pension in the event that these benefits are cut.
I maximized my social security claiming strategy in accordance with my overall plan.
I know how my distribution election impacts my spouse in the event s/he survives me.
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